For Community Partners:

Our Lowell FRC operates as an access hub to a comprehensive network of affiliated human service providers and community agencies for families. We serve all family members, and offer specialized services for youth who present with Child Requiring Assistance (CRA)-related issues. Families are greeted by caring and knowledgeable staff that assist them in accessing services and resolving their needs.

We provide onsite:

  • Information and referral
  • Evidenced based programs for youth and parents
  • Peer support groups
  • Assessment and family support planning
  • Cultural, recreational, and community service opportunities
  • Basic needs (clothing, food etc.)

For youth presenting with CRA related issues, our licensed clinician and family partner provides standardized intake, screening, assessment, service planning and referral, and follow up services. We provide follow up services to ensure that the family’s needs are met. Our services are free and open to everyone.

For Potential Members:

The NFI Family Resource Center of Greater Lowell offers a monthly calendar of events to families. These events consist of support groups, workshops on a variety of topics, parenting education classes and family activities. The FRC (Family Resource Center) also offers referrals out and support with navigating other agencies. We believe that we can assist families with most things and if we cannot we will find someone who does. We pride ourselves on having a warm and inviting environment and strive to make everyone feel welcomed and supported.

The NFI Family Resource Center firmly believes that all families need support sometimes. We are in a unique position to be able to offer families a holistic supportive service, we can work with the whole family and offer children and the caregivers an opportunity to come to the center and participate in a fun and free activity as well as life skills and mental health support.

Our activities enhance the quality of life for children and young people by allowing for self and emotional expression, enriches language development as well as giving the children the opportunity to find new coping skills. We are role modeling both play and positive interactions that increases family bonds. We also find that these types of events assist us with building our relationships and trust with families. This then opens the door for more difficult conversations around mental health, parenting, choices, self-esteem etc.

NFI uses a trauma informed approach called ARC that helps families’ foster resilience through Attachment, Self-regulation and competency.

Languages Spoken: 
Programs and Services: 
Civic Engagement
Early Childhood
Family Support
Mental Health